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Besides the musical skills of the performing artists, a few more prerequisites are required for a good orchestral sound. One of those is an efficient little team whose task it is to enable the large sound body to work together in complete harmony. With this in mind, the team members will each contribute an individual touch of their own. Ultimately completing each other, they form a sustainable triad with a punch.

Gerd Müller-Lorenz

Conductor, Piano Accompanist, initiator and artistic mastermind. 

For more information please visit www.gerd-mueller-lorenz.de

Qing Liu-Weiberlenn

Concert and Tour Manageress with long-standing international experience, responsible for the orchestra management, Head of the Artistic Administration Department.

Dirk Baris

Journalist and PR Consultant, former proprietor of Hill+Ohrt PR Editors, in charge of Communication,
PR, Marketing.